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Gemstone Crystals to Protect Against Bullies

by April Williams on June 11, 2021

Each of these crystals will help you deal with bullies. Read below to find out more. 


Crystals to Protect Against Bullies



Red Tiger Eye Enhances personal integrity, confidence, and self-esteem, gives you the courage to stand for up yourself.

BloodstoneProtects against psychological bullying by individuals or groups.

Black TourmalineProtective gemstone, removes negative energy by transmuting it into a positive force. 

HematiteCalming stone that heightens self-confidence, personal power, and self-esteem. Great stone for someone who needs a boost of courage. 

Yellow JasperDeflects jealousy and malicious gossip away from those carrying this stone. 

MalachiteGuards against adverse effects of modern technology. Helps deter bullying over the internet. 


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