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Russian Birthstones

Societies and cultures around the world have associated specific stones with the month someone was born. Today we are going to look at the Russian Birthstones. 
by April Williams
Emerald: The traditional and modern birthstone of May

Traditional and Modern Birthstones

The month one was born is often marked by a special gemstone, known as your birthstone. This is the special stone that friends and family associate with you and your birthday. Find out what your traditional and your modern birthstone is here.
by April Williams
Amethyst Cascade Earrings

Behind the Scenes: Amethyst Cascade Earrings

I thought you all may enjoy a look behind the scenes as I created these Amethyst Cascade Earrings.  I created these earrings as part of the 2018 Earring Challenge on Instagram. (See my other entries here!)
by April Williams
Amethyst Crystal Gemstone: Healing Properties, Metaphysical Meaning

Amethyst: Meaning, Powers and Uses

Amethyst is a stone that has been prized for centuries for both its color and its power. Find out the meaning behind Amethyst's name, the story of how the stone was named, and the power behind the stone. 
by April Williams
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