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Yellow Citrine: The Merchant's Stone

Yellow Citrine: The Merchant's Stone

  Citrine, the yellow variety of quartz, ranges in color...
by April Williams
Artisan Jewelry | Silver Necklace

Silver: Folklore and Meanings

Sterling Silver is a popular metal among artisan jewelry designers and enthusiasts.  It's supple nature and malleability make it desirable for shaping and melding into all types of jewelry. 

But Silver, like many stones, also has a spiritual side to it. 

by April Williams
Amethyst Cascade Earrings

Behind the Scenes: Amethyst Cascade Earrings

I thought you all may enjoy a look behind the scenes as I created these Amethyst Cascade Earrings.  I created these earrings as part of the 2018 Earring Challenge on Instagram. (See my other entries here!)
by April Williams
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