Cherry Creek Jasper Gemstone Healing Bracelet

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Cherry Creek Jasper is a colorful jasper with intriguing patterns. This jasper stone is frequently found with hues of reds, yellows, and greens. This gemstone heaing bracelet resonates with all who wear it, but it resonates the strongest with the zodiac sign Leo.

This Cherry Creek Jasper Gemstone Healing Bracelet is created with medium sized (8mm) beads. The bracelet measures approximately 8.0”.

Cherry Creek Jasper is known as the Supreme Nurturer as it provides grounding and stability to those who wear it. This stone sustains and supports in times of stress, and absorbs negative energy to protect the wearer.

Cherry Creek Jasper stimulates the imagination as well as your quick thinking reflexes. The stone also strengthens your problem solving abilities.

Eluna Jewelry offers affordable handmade gemstone jewelry. The gemstones used in this bracelet are cleansed, charged and finally smudged with sacred Nag Champa incense. The smudging releases any negative energy on the stones allowing positive energy to replace it so that the bracelet will be ready to wear.

Due to the nature of gemstones some variation may occur in the coloration or patterns of in these bracelets.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure and diseases, illness or disease. Please always seek professional medical advice.

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