Amazonite and Black Tourmaline Healing Necklace for Harmony and Protection

Eluna Jewelry Designs

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Amazonite is a stunning aqua blue stone. The black matrix of this stone is black tourmaline. The vibration of Amazonite resonates the best with Virgos. Black tourmaline best with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

This Amazonite and Black Tourmaline pendant measures approximately 1.8” long by 0.9” wide. The cabochon is secured in an elegant handmade sterling silver setting and suspended on an 18” sterling silver snake chain.

Amazonite is a stone of harmony, assisting you in communicating your true thoughts and feelings without excess drama. Amazonite also stimulates your heart chakra, awakening your personal compassion, helping you see and understand other points of view.

Amazonite is a powerful stone for manifesting your dreams and desires. It will magnify your intentions when spoken out loud, enhancing your ability to manifest your desires. Amazonite asks us to speak the truth and helps us make what we speak true.

Tourmaline purifies and transforms, dense energy into a lighter vibration, grounding spiritual energy and balances Chakras. Having been used by Shamans and healers since ancient times, black tourmaline is considered one of the best stones of protection. This stone will absorb any negative energy directed towards you and will reflect it back to the sender.

Eluna Jewelry offers affordable handmade gemstone jewelry. The gemstone used in this pendant is cleansed, charged and finally smudged with sacred incense. The smudging releases any negative energy on the stones allowing positive energy to replace it so that the jewelry will be ready to wear.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure and diseases, illness or disease. Please always seek professional medical advice.

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