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 You will win this set of raw gemstones: 2 quartz points, 1 amethyst, 1 citrine, 1 smoky quartz, 1 rose quartz, and 1 black tourmaline gemstone.

Material: Beginner Gemstone Set
Weight:  39g

Clear Quartz is a stone of light that brings heighten spiritual awareness to those that use it.  These quartz points can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose including (but not limited to) healing, meditation, communication with guides, and manifesting your dreams and desires. Quartz can also amplify the vibrations and energies of your others stones.


Amethyst tends to be the first stone that most people are attracted to. This is because the sweet energy of this stone stimulates the mind, imagination, and spirit of those using it. Amethyst is a classic meditation stone that helps you open your higher mind. The ability to open your higher mind also make amethyst a beneficial asset for combating negative habits and addictions that hold you back in your life.


Citrine's energy will enhance your creativity and magnify your will power. Citrine helps you see your vision of the future and helps you find the tools needed to manifest that dream. This stone is excellent for those who are in business or visionaries that want to create something from nothing.


Smoky Quartz is the premier grounding stone. It helps you keep your legs on the ground when your head is in the clouds. Smoky quartz will absorb negative energy around you and neutralize it by grounding that energy into the earth. Work with this stone to understand how the negative energy around you has an impact on your life and thoughts.


Rose Quartz is the stone of love! This stone will teach you to love yourself, your partner, your community, the Earth, the Universe. Rose quartz helps to dissolve the boundaries of isolation we create, helping us move into a sense of union with all. Rose quartz will heal your heart and help you open it again, with harmony and unity, after it was broken or hurt.


Black Tourmaline has the power to transmute and purify negative energy. Black tourmaline is the recommended stone when you need to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotions, like anger and issues of self worth. This stone encourages you to have a positive attitude no matter your circumstance. And the protective nature of black tourmaline will help you ground out and let go of any negativity that comes to you.

  Beginner Gemstone SetBeginner Gemstone Set in Bag 

In addition to the beginner gemstone set, you will also recieve this beautiful blue organza bag to store your stones. 


The winner will be drawn on 02-06-2020  and announced within 5 business days.
Official Rules for the giveaway can be found here





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