The Chakra Balancing Bracelet for Protection and Grief

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The Chakra Balancing Bracelet, Spiritual Stretch Bracelet

This powerful beaded Chakra balancing bracelet measures approximately 7.5" and is composed of medium (6mm) Malaysia Jade beads, silver spacer beads and medium (6mm) black onyx beads.

To represent the 7 Colors of the Chakra, you have the following colors of Malyasia Jade and their attributes:

☯ For the Crown Chakra--Lilac Jade is a guardian stone that connects you to the universe and spiritual consciousness.
☯ For the Third Eye Chakra--Blue Jade harmonizes mind, body, and spirit bringing inner wisdom.
☯ For the Throat Chakra--Aqua Jade brings calmness to you and symbolizes self-expression.
☯ For the Heart Chakra--Green Jade enhances relationships and attracts loving friends.
☯ For the Solar Plexus Chakra--Yellow Jade brings forth your intellect, strengthens your will and personal power.
☯ For the Sacral Chakra--Orange Jade allows us to embrace our differences and our similarities
☯ For the Base Chakra--Red Jade helps you open your heart.

Black Onyx is a very strong stone of protection. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, preventing the drain of your personal energy. This stone is especially useful in times of stress, confusion or grief.

Eluna Jewelry offers affordable handmade gemstone jewelry. The gemstones used in this bracelet are cleansed, charged and finally smudged with sacred Nag Champa incense. The smudging releases any negative energy on the stones allowing positive energy to replace it so that the bracelet will be ready to wear.

Due to the nature of gemstones some variation may occur in the coloration or patterns of in these bracelets.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure and diseases, illness or disease. Please always seek professional medical advice.

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