2018 Changes

by April Williams
I began this year wanting to find my path. I have felt lost for a long time, just kind of going through the motions. So at the beginning of the year, I set my intention to finding myself and my path. I figured it would take a long time to clear out the haze and even see where I was going. But I guess, when you are ready, the universe will send in a helping wind to clear the haze for you. 

What I did not count on was coming back to ideas and feeling that I had thought long forgotten. But I think that happens to all of us at one point or another. In my case, I able rapidly coming back into sync with my personal spirituality. And that spirituality includes seeking a way to re-connect with the Divine Source (or God if you prefer). 

I have always loved stones, ever since I was a child. I think many of us are naturally drawn to them, as each one is a treasure. Currently, I find myself drawn to understand the harmony and energy that flows through each stone. I want to understand how those stones affect us, and why we are drawn to one stone over another. In some cases, it is personal preference, but I think there is more at play.  I feel like we are drawn to the energies of the stones and that we resonate with those energies. After all like attracts like. 

I have began studying the energies and harmonies of stones and crystals. And I think you will begin to see that as I re-connect with my spirit, my designs will begin to reflect those changes as well. 

So the next blog post will begin this process as I start to look at the properties of the metals and stones I am using in my work. Sit back and enjoy this ride with me.


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