Celebrate your personal journey! The road to find yourself is long and hard, but each step you take has helped you find your inner spirit and that is something you want to preserve and celebrate.

Image:April Williams (Artist)


Welcome to Eluna Jewelry Designs. I am April Williams, the artist creating each amazing piece of jewelry you see on this website.

I understand what it means to celebrate your inner self and that is why I created Eluna Jewelry.  I wanted to celebrate the tributaries and detours that have shaped and created the paths we walk to find our inner spirit. I want to celebrate what makes each of us unique, special, and different than everyone else in the world.

The inspirations for my designs come from the natural world - the organic flow of leaves and branches, flowers dancing in the wind, the gentle ripple of a bubbling brook, strong waves pounding upon the shore, hard jagged stones that give way to a smooth shining gemstones.

Each of these awaken my creative spirit and inspire me to create stunning, minimalist, sterling silver designs which celebrate the inner paths we each walk.

Celebrating personal discovery with the creation of symbolic jewelry is what Eluna Jewelry Designs is all about.

Ready to begin your celebration? Check out the new designs in my store to find the jewelry that aligns with your personal journey of discovery to get started. 


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