Amazonite: Meaning, Powers, And Uses

by April Williams

Amazonite is a blue-green member of the feldspar mineral family.  Named for the the Amazon river in Brazil where large deposits of these stones are found along its banks, Amazonite is a stone rich in color and history. 

Along with deposits in Brazil, beautifully mesmerizing Amazonite has also been found in the United States, India, Madagascar, Namibia, and Russia. The Russian Amazonite tends to be a richer hue than some others on the market. 


Russian Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

Amazonite jewelry has been created for over 4,000 years. Artifacts containing Amazonite stones have been found from cultures of India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Sudan. 

In Egypt, the seventh chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead was said to be engraved on Amazonite. And King Tutankhamen's most treasured scrab ring was made with Amazonite. 

Biblically, the third stone in Moses' breastplate was thought to be an Amazonite stone as well. 


Amazonite: Meaning, Powers, and Uses

Amazonite's Meanings and Powers.....

Amazonite is known as a stone of harmony. The stone's energy works to promote both harmony within oneself, and harmony within a social situation. Amazonite assists one in speaking their personal truth, without allowing emotions to rule. Essentially, it helps you speak your truth as an indisputable fact. 

Amazonite empowers us to live our dreams and to manifest our desires. To do this the energy of Amazonite will magnify our intentions to the universe. This is especially true when we speak those intentions aloud. 

The golden rule of Amazonite is this:

 "Speak the truth and make true that which we speak!"

What Amazonite Means for Me?

Amazonite is an excellent stone for those who need courage and confidence to communicate their personal truth clearly. If you know someone who is unsure how to speak what they feel, this stone would make an excellent gift for them. 

Along with the energy of helping to communicate personal truths, Amazonite is also helpful in setting clear boundaries in one's life.

For those people who are unsure why they are here or what they could possibly offer the world, Amazonite will shine a light on your truth, your gifts, and your personal knowledge to help you identify why you are here. 


This stone will help one to move forward, beyond the fear of judgement. Essentially the energy will help you understand that the judgement you fear is what is holding  you back. And the stone will empower you to move forward, regardless of that judgement. 

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