The Best Crystals for Focus and Clarity

by April Williams

Last week I blogged about the best crystals and gemstones for letting go.

This week I want to focus on the best crystal and gemstones for improving your mental clarity and focus. After all, many of us made New Years resolutions to improve ourselves this year. So with that in mind, lets dive in!



The Best Crystals for Focus and Mental Clarity


Fluorite is the ultimate stone of mental clarity and focus. It aids in increasing concentraion and focus, amplifies learning abilities, and boosts memory retention. Fluorite will help you de-clutter your mind, helping you keep a clear head when making important and life altering decisions. 


Citrine is a versitile stone for your mind and spirit. Citrine will help you fine tune your problem solving skills while inspiring clarity when sorting through your emotions. This stone will help you to become more alert and self aware. Citrine is great for mental clarity, helping you see the path you need to take to manifest your goals with passion. It will also stimulate your mind and assist you in learning new ideas and theories. Learn More About Citrine! 

Quartz is one of the most versitle gemstones. It will amplfy and project the energy of other gemstones. Quartz will filter out distractions and help you empty your mind allowing space for clarity and focus. It controls how we percieve and think through our personal situation. 

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