The Best Gemstone Crystals for Relaxing

by April Williams

So far this month we have talked about the best crystals for focus and clarity. And we have talked about our New Years Resolutions and the crystals that will help us let go of obstacles in the past that are holding us back.  


Before we get started talking about the Best Gemstone Crystals for Relaxing, please take a moment and let me know how your New Years Resolutions are going. I know that so far I have met my goal of posting at least once a week.


The Best Crystals for Relaxation



These are the five best crystals and gemstones to help you relax and let go of your daily load of stress: Lepidolite, Golden Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, and Smoky Quartz. 

Lepidolite is considered a stone of peace and calming. With that peace and calm, Lepidolite brings balance. It will mellow you out when you are overly hyper and it will teach you to relax when you are feeling stressed.  It is the classic calming stone of the crystal world. 

Golden Calcite is a stone of postive attraction. It will help you find and atttact the right types of energies and people into your circle. It will also guide you to make the right decisions for yourself, helping you learn along the way how to release your stress and take time to relax. 

Pink Tourmaline is naturally high in lithium elements. Lithium is known to help with emotional and mood related problems such as depression and stress. But Pink Tourmaline goes beyond the lithium found within its crystal structure. Pink tourmaline is a heart based stone, with most of its energies reacting to your heart chakra. This means that pink tourmaline's vibrations will infuse you with an influx of happiness. This stone will help you relearn how to be passionate about life, and how to feel at ease in your own skin. 

 Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones to reduce stress and bring relaxation into your world. The vibrations of amethyst will attract a variety of positive energry into your life. At the same time, the energy of this stone will help to rid your body and mind of the negative influences and emotions of your day. This energy exchange will help you let go of your daily stress and learn to sit back and enjoy real relaxation. This is the best stone to give someone who is stressed.  Learn More About Amethyst!

Smoky Quartz is believed to neutralize energy, helping to bring balance to you. It provides a natural sheild against emotional and environemental stressors and it will support you as you deal with stressful situations in your life. Along with helping you deal with the emotional impact of stress, Smoky Quartz is a stone that is recommened to help you release the tension that you hold within your body. This is a wonderful attribute of Smoky Quartz, because we all know that just because we let go of the stress, it does not mean we let go of the physical reminders of that stress. And letting go of that tension is needed to truly let go and relax. 

How are you planning on relaxing tonight? A good book? A glass of wine? Or maybe a meditation session with your favorite crystals?

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