The Best Gemstone Crystals to Find Acceptance

by April Williams

 Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept the situations and people that life throws our way. It may be too painful. It may go against our nature. Or the situation may be surreal to us. But in each case, we need to find a way to accept the changes and people in our lives. These are the top crystals for acceptance. 


Rose Quartz - a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose quartz is one of the best emotional healing stones. It encourages you to love and accept yourself. 

 Chrysoprase - Promotes optimism and personal insight. That insight will help you deal with any outstanding emotional baggage from your childhood, helping you release those emotions and find acceptance of yourself. 

Pink Calcite - a beneficial stone for self-acceptance. Pink Calcite is a stone of forgiveness, allowing you to let go of the painful emotions of the past. 

Charoite - Teaches you to accept your present moment as a perfect moment in time. 

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