by April Williams

Even though it is July, my creative thoughts have begun to think of colder months. I just received confirmation from one of my big holiday shows that I was accepted as a vendor for this holiday! 

It is also the time of year that I begin to think of new designs for holiday presents. And when working with any new design, you have to experiment!

For several weeks I have seen posts, in one of my jewelry making groups, about a new technique using rolling mills. For those of you who are not into making jewelry, a rolling mill is simply a device that can be used to flatten and widen metal. Rolling mills can also be used to transfer some patterns onto existing sheets of metal, or to even change the shape of wire.

It kind of looks like a heavy duty pasta sheet roller!



So back to experimenting....

My group had been talking about a new technique which used foam to create more distinctive patterns on metal. As usual, I had to try it myself. So I did just that today. And here are my results....



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