Gem Shows are for Artisans

by April Williams

I did a lot over the weekend. I had a couple of pieces on my bench that I wanted to finish.

I created these earrings from a pair of dinosaur jasper cabochons that I found online. I love the interesting pattern within these teardrop cabochons. 

 Artisan Jewelry |Dinosaur Jasper Earrings - Dinosaur Jasper Earrings

I also finished two pendants this weekend; a chevron amethyst and a scenic jasper. You can see both pendants below. 

Artisan Jewelry | Chevron Amethyst -Chevron Amethyst

Artisan Jewelry | Scenic Jasper - Scenic Jasper


When I speak to customers at shows, I usually get asked where I find my stones. The answer to that is "a variety of places". Some stones I find online, some at bead shows, some at gem shows, and some I have actually found in nature. At this point, most of my stones are found online or at local gem shows. 

The local gem and lapidary club had their annual gem show over the weekend, and I stopped by to see if I could find any stones that called my name. I found a couple of pieces. 

I was looking for pairs to create earrings out of. Here is what I found......

Artisan Jewelry | Ammonites - Ammonites


Artisan Jewelry | Dendritic Agate - Dendritic Agate


Artisan Jewelry | Rainbow Moonstone - Rainbow Moonstone


Artisan Jewelry | Rainbow Moonstone -Rainbow Moonstone


Artisan Jewelry | West Coast Turquoise - West Coast Turquoise


And finally a pair of stones that are only mined twice a year. From what I was told, the gentleman who mines this material goes out twice a year. He only sells to those dealers who are on his list, and if you are running late, you are out of luck. So I feel very fortunate to have picked up these stones! 

Artisan Jewelry | Linda Plume Agate - Linda Plume Agate

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