The Best Gemstones To Bring More Love Into Your Life

by April Williams

There are two wonderfully vibrant gemstones that will help you learn to open your heart and attract love into your life: Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz! 

 Best Crystals for Attracting Love

Rhodochrosite is a pink and white manganese carbonate gemstone that produces the most heartfelt energy vibration of any stone which soothes the heart, comforts the inner soul, and promotes inner peace within your spirit. Rhodochrosite is known as the stone of the compassionate heart. It teaches you to love yourself and others selflessly and encourages you to focus on a joyful path while helping you to heal emotionally from your past. Rhodochrosite is a wonderful stone to call new love into your life. This stone will help you learn to express love without fear of rejection. It will also encourage spontaneous expressions of your feelings and will enhance your passion and sexuality. 


Rose Quartz is the crystal of Unconditional Love! This pink variety of Quartz carries a soft energy of compassion, tenderness, healing, and comfort that speaks directly to the Heart Chakra. Rose quartz helps to restore trust and harmony to relationships and encourages unconditional love. Rose quartz will purify and open the heart to accept and give love. 


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