The Best Gemstones for Attracting Passion into Your Life

by April Williams
Last week I showed you what the best gemstones are for attracting love into your life. Since Valentine's Day is almost upon us, I thought today we would look at the best gemstones to ignite your passion!
Gemstones For Passion
Ruby stirs your blood and ignites your heart! It is a dynamic stone emotionally. It will charge your passionate emotions and increase your enthusiasm. It will ingnite your desire and increase your sexual energy. 
Garnet is a powerful stone to reviatlize and energize your life. It balances emotional disharmony and your sex drive. Garnet will promote deeper levels of commintment and love within your exisiting relationships. After all, it is known as the stone of commitment, inspiring love and devotion. Finally, Garnet can attract intimate encounters where your passionate energy will burn in a slow and steady pace. 
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