Moonstone: Meaning, Powers, and Uses

by April Williams

Prized from the ancient Orient, through the Roman Empire, moonstones really came into their own during the "Art Nouveau" period of jewelry design (1890-1910).  This feldspar mineral has transfixed observers with its spectacular display of adularescence, an optical effect where the light seems to flow over a stone. This amazing effect is the reason that moonstones are such intriguing natural art!

Moonstone was known as the Traveler's stone, as it was thought to protect those who traveled at night by helping to light their way.  It was also considered especially lucky for lovers. Legend says that when two people wore moonstones, when the moon was high in the sky, they would fall passionately in love with each other. Ah Amore! 

Moonstones are great gifts as they are birthstones in many traditions. Moonstone is the Modern and the Mystical Birthstone for the month of June, the Ayurvedic birthstone for the month of September and the Planetary Birthstone for the zodiac sign of Cancer. In India, moonstone is a traditional wedding present to celebrate the marriage of young lovers. Rough Moonstone

Known as the stone of new beginnings, the stone is connected to the tides and cycles of the moon, from the dark new moon to the bright full moon. Moonstones teach us that there is a cycle to everything in life, that each spirit grows and develops according to its own cycle. And like the changes of the moon, we cannot rush those cycles. 

As moonstone is connected to the moon, it is also connected to the feminine aspect and considered the keeper of feminine mystery. As such, the stone evokes patience and will nudge you forth to action when the time is right. But it reminds us to not get ahead of ourselves. The stone teaches us that we will find the most peace and happiness working within our current stage of life and that taking the proper action at the proper time will give us the most beneficial harvest from the seeds we lay. 

Moonstones help us to gain a higher perspective on our spirit's purpose, by helping use to become more attuned to the guidance sent our way from our spirit guides. 


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