Silver: Folklore and Meanings

by April Williams


Artisan Jewelry | Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a popular metal among artisan jewelry designers and enthusiasts.  It's supple nature and malleability make it desirable for shaping and melding into all types of jewelry. 

But Silver, like many stones, also has a spiritual side to it. 

Known as the metal of moonlight, silver connects to the feminine aspect. This is the metal of the goddess, the moon, and the night, a symbol of the unconscious realm. 

Spiritually, silver supports ones effort to explore the deepest aspects of one's self. This metal acts as a doorway to the subconscious and allows one to perceive the truth behind surface appearances. 

Said to be a mirror of the soul, silver encourages self-contentment and inward reflection.  Silver harmonizes well with all gemstones, especially those the are attuned with the emotional self as silver wants to help find the light of hidden truth within its wearer. 


Silver was often highly prized in Egypt and medieval Europe, at times it was considered more valuable than gold. Silver has been know since ancient man, and evidence has been found to indicated its separation from lead as early as the 4th millennium (BC). 

In European folklore, silver was thought to repeal vampires and the un-dead. In addition, it was believed that the only way to kill a werewolf, in beast form, was to shoot it with a silver bullet. 

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