The Best Gemstones for Emotional Balance

by April Williams

Some days we feel like we can do anything and the next day we feel the sun will not shine again. The ups and downs of life can make anyone feel like they are living on a perpetual rollercoaster. So how do we find balance when everything feels in such disarray? While these stones will not solve every problem, they can help you find a balance between all the emotional highs and lows in life. 

Lepidolite - The peace stone, Soothes emotional stress helping to stabilize your mood. This stone guides you towards calm and tranquility.

Rhodochrosite - helps support self healing and the release of emotional wounds. Rhodochrosite can soothe and heal emotional energy.

Crystals for Emotional Balance

Rose Quartz - the natural vibrations of Rose quartz soothe and calm the aura. Rose quartz assists in dispelling tension, stress, and anger while promoting hope and faith for a better tomorrow.

Malachite - helps you maintain a positive state of mind. Malachite encourages you to refrain from falling into your personal emotional traps or taking on the emotional baggage of others.

Moonstone - helps you sort through your emotions. Moonstone encourages you to understand the meaning behind your feelings by seeking a higher perspective. Moonstone will teach you to go with the flow, allowing you to let go of the frustrations of unmet expectations.



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