The Secret Reason Why People Wear Healing Bracelets

by April Williams

  Woman wearing healing bracelets  


 Working with healing energy and crystals is a way of life. They can become a vital part of our meditation routines. We may use healing crystals to create energy crystal grids or as an added layer of spiritual protection in our homes. Each of us have had lucky stones that we carry with us. Children especially seem to understand how special gemstones can be for luck!  Some of us will carry gratitude stones or angel stones with us for the same reason. However the easiest way to incorporate healing stones in daily life is by wearing gemstone healing bracelets or necklaces.

      Everything on our planet is made of molecules and atoms, which in turn contain energy. This includes animals, plants, and minerals like gemstones. Each gemstone has its own energy vibration. The energy frequency for each stone will vary based on the stone' s unique crystal structure and light wavelength ( which is a scientific way to say color. )

    As humans, we also contain energy. This energy can be seen in the electrical impulses firing within our brains and the metabolic processes that allow us to get up and go each day. However our energy, or vibrations, can be influenced or changed by the presence of outside energies, for instance a defibrillator can change the electrical rhythm of the heart.

Man with hand in pocket, wearing healing chakra bracelets

     Healing crystals are more subtle than a defibrillator, but they do influence the way our bodies and brains behave. For instance, the subtle vibrational charge of  a healing, bracelet can offer you positive energy. That positive energy may give you the courage to pursue your deepest desires. Or it may show you how many people in your life love you, even when like you are caught in a hurricane of chaos.

     The subtle, but positive energy offered from a gemstone healing bracelet or healing necklace, will help to change the way you look at your problems. As your point of view changes, you will discover new ideas and solutions to your struggles. This is the secret of the energy offered by our healing bracelets, the secret that allows us to create better lives for ourselves.

     If you have ever wondered why some people like to wear healing bracelets, now you know the secret. The healing stones will not change the world for you, but they will help you see how to change your world for the better.

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