Aqua Terra Jasper Gesmtone Earrings

Eluna Jewelry Designs

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These Aqua Terra Jasper earrings feature a matching pair of square Aqua Terra Jasper stones that are surrounded by a custom silky sterling silver bezel setting.

Each Aqua Terra Jasper gemstone earring measure 1.5 inches from the top of the earring hook to the bottom of the earring. The earring measure 7/8 inch across. 

These earrings do weigh a little more than my normal earrings. Each one weighs about 8 grams.

Aqua Terra translates to Water Earth, the stone seems to carry both water and earth in its coloration and patterns. If you look closely at the earrings pictured you will see what looks like alluvial sediment deposits in a river basin. 

Aqua Terra Jasper is a stone of harmony, balancing both water and earth in its patterns.  The water element of this stone helps to bring calmness and peace to its wearer. The earth element lend strength to the owner. 

This stone makes a great gift for those looking for inner peace, love, compassion, harmony or clarity in their lives.