Purple Sugalite Gemstone Earrings

Eluna Jewelry Designs

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These earrings feature a pair of matching purple Sugalite gemstones. Each of these cabochon is surrounded by a sterling silver setting formed around these stones. 

These Purple Sugalite gemstone earrings measure approximately 1.2 inches long from the top of the earring hook to the bottom of the earring and 0.5 of a inch in width. Each sugalite cabochon measure approximately 0.5 inches by 0.4 inches (14mm x 10mm) in size.

 Sugalite was first discovered in 1944 by Japanese Geologist Kenichi Sugi, after whom the stone was named. Sugalite ranges in color from a pale lilac to a deep purple, the magenta-purple shade being considered the most precious of all the specimens. 

The energy of Sugalite excellent at protecting its wearer from the negative influences and disharmony of others in their environment. Sugalite creates a light shield around those wearing it that will protect them from absorbing the energy of others. This feature is especially helpful for natural empaths who will unknowingly absorb the energy patterns of those close to them. 

One of Sugalite's superpowers is the ability to cleanse the aura and to remove any toxic influences within one's aura field.