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Sea Glass Jewelry

Authentic Green Sea Glass Necklace From Wrightsville Beach, NC

Eluna Jewelry

Regular price $125.00
Green Sea Glass Necklace, Bottle Top

A beautifully frosted piece of Kelly green sea glass handpicked from Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina during my family vacation in June of 2016. This piece of sea glass was broken off from a green bottle at some point. If you look closely, you can see the rings around the bottle neck and the rim of the bottle in the pendant. The frosting you see on the glass is entirely natural. It was formed from a process known as hydration. During the process of hydration, the soda and lime used to make the glass in the factory are slowly removed from the glass by the ocean. This leaves tiny pits in the glass. The longer the glass has been in the salt water, the more frosted the piece will appear. Due to efforts to prevent littering along the seashore (a good thing!), it is becoming harder and harder to find authentic sea glass. So I believe in preserving, both the pieces of sea glass I find and the history they represent by turning these into one of a kind works of art! I created a custom sterling silver setting for this green sea glass pendant. This convex green sea glass pendant measures approximately 1.12 inches long by 0.9 inches in width. This beautiful frosted sea glass is suspended on a silky 18 inch sterling silver snake chain, which is included in your purchase. This amazing pendant shows off the natural frosting of sea glass as it is tumbled through the waves. Add it to your own jewelry collection or make it a great gift for your favorite beach lover.

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